• ZappyMicrowave13

    Somebody please answer this question! This was once a beautiful Wiki, but now people are editing the posts they SHOULDN’T. Don’t edit the Home page unless it’s a good edit (grammar fix, more USEFUL page ideas, ect) =(

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  • SA Disney Princess Wiki AND M.A.D. LOVER

    Hi. I am SA Disney Princess Wiki AND M.A.D. LOVER.

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  • SA Disney Princess Wiki AND M.A.D. LOVER

    Welcome! I made this Blog post to inspire fandom users to log in. I only logged in for the first time yesterday and I am already loving all the “powers” I get. Plus, it is WAY more fun being logged in. Have fun at one of my fav: Shopkins Fan Wiki.

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  • BunchoBananas18


    November 11, 2017 by BunchoBananas18

    Oh, hi guys! I'm BunchoBananas18 who joined 3 months ago and I'm very active around here. I've been on the wiki a long time but I didn't know you could make blog posts here! This isn't actually a hello blog despite the name, but I just wanted to say hi to any new users! See you around!

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  • CoolChocoCassandra

    I have FINALLY finished editing all of the edits that the fandom user has created. Did I miss anything? 😴

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  • CoolChocoCassandra

    Hi! A Fandom User is editing loads of pages including MY USER PAGE!!! He/She also edited Buncho Bananas' user page. Please block them.

    UPDATE: Hey! Let's just forget this ever happened, ok? :)

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  • CoolChocoCassandra

    Hi, it's me! I was editing Grape Lolly Garry today, and somebody put a Food Fair Art on the page. I was completely fine with that, it was really nice art. But when I tried to edit the position of the photo so that no text could wrap around it, something went wrong. The picture is now in the trivia section. I want to make a gallery there, and I know how, but when I do so, can the person who made the art please put their art in the gallery? If so, thank you so much! 😊

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  • RainbowCakes4Life

    Okay guys i'm telling you all rules for all new cures so it's here

    • Don't add fanmade shoppies
    • Don't add happy places shoppies
    • And wait for new offical shoppies
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  • RainbowCakes4Life

    I need Shopkins Pretty Cure Logo NOTE: You must add Pretty Cure english logo and for japanese "プリキュア"

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  • Zibzob2000

    Shoppies Movie

    May 23, 2017 by Zibzob2000

    Like that Shoppies movie page I made?

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  • Lemondot

    My first blog?...

    October 15, 2016 by Lemondot

    Well then... It's apparently my first blog here? IDK. But hai! And bai! lol

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  • Sweetstyle

    Hey Guys,

    I just started on wikia and I wanted to say hi. Also tell you a few things about myself. Ok here goes!

    Favorite Color: Rainbow (I can't choose one)

    Favorite Food: Pizza

    How Many Shopkins I have: 196

    How many Lps I have: 189

    Fav Book: Can't choose, although it's pretty much between Divergent Series, The Red Queen Series, and The Lunar Chronicles!

    Also my Instagram is 22Sweetstyle!

    Bye my fellow nyan cats!

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  • Cinder cupcake 888

    RIP penny

    February 27, 2016 by Cinder cupcake 888

    Penny was the first robot in the tv show called RWBY, she died by a match in Volume 3. She was against a girl that died later in the show, prrya, her Semplens was polearty, which is like managements, she can control metal, and Like we said earlier, Penny is a robot, prrya torn penny apart. She was... My Fave character because of her personality. I really cried when I heared she died.

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  • PinkiePie1659

    Vinnie & Trunky

    January 12, 2016 by PinkiePie1659

    Someone else almost or just as good as Eva when it comes to art? I asked her to draw Vinnie Lynn, but her free request has expired.;-; If you are a good artist almost or JUST as good as Eva, please draw Vinnie Lynn in brown and Trunky Teapot in pink. Thank you. You don't know HOW MUCH it would mean to me. >^OuO^<

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  • Conect11

    petkins wild

    January 1, 2016 by Conect11

    there is a fruity forest the gumball petkins were a little wild and very tame

    • spindy gumspider
    • bubblegum bunny
    • buttery butterfly
    • cherry unicorn
    • eric ketchup (the moose)
    • jelly orange (the unicorn)
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  • CreativeEva

    Update: All my finish requests and gifts will go here, so if you wonder if your finish request is, it's over here.

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  • CreativeEva


    December 27, 2015 by CreativeEva

    That's right Shopkins, now you can request Creative Eva a artwork style and/or toy artwork style of the Shopkin you want me to draw!!

    However, there are rules:

    • I'm not the fast woman when It comes to doing art for others, so please be patient and wait until I finish your art.
    • It's okay if you ask for more than one, but don't go overboard with it.
    • And please, don't recolor/trace any of them, no offensive if you do that, then there was no point of spending my time drawing something for you.
    • I need to know what your character looks like, If I'm willing to draw him/her.
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