Brocco-Laura is the broccoli themed Shoppie. She is created by Fatihah.


Brocco-Laura - Always Yucky But Nice

Brocco-Laura is always trying new vegetables. Her friends are sometimes hating veggies. But she always help them to try new vegetables nicely. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite food, were vegetables such as carrots, radishes, etc.

Favorite Hobby: Tasting vegetables!

Shopkins BFF: Broccoli Kate

Favorite place to shop: Broccoli Kate's Fruits and Veggies Stand


She appears to have lighter skin with green rosy cheeks. She wears a long-sleeved dark green dress with a green belt with a broccoli-shaped buckle. She has light green eyes, wears lighter green gloves, and has a green pixie-styled hair. Her hair also has a broccoli hair pin.


She comes with a forest green broccoli-shaped wallet and comes with Broccoty Broccoli, a Petkin. Brocco-Laura also comes with her BFF, Broccoli Kate, and a Shoppie food stand called, Broccoli Kate's Fruits and Veggies Stand.


  • Her name is a pun on the vegetable "broccoli".
  • She's the second Shoppie with only one BFF Shopkin.