Nora Nuts is a Ultra Rare Sweet treats Shopkin in the Fanmade Season 3.

She is created by Stellar Noir 649

Bio Edit

Favorite Hobby: Edit

Eating EVERY nut in the world until I pass out.

Your friends would describe you as... Edit

Nutty & Very Out-Going!

Your Shopkins BFF: Edit

Penny Peanut Butter Cup

Where do you hang out? Edit

In the Sweet Treats section,DUHHHHHH.....

Appearance Edit

Nora Nuts is a light brown Pistachio Nut with pink chocolate drizzle from her top holding a purple nut bag in her right hand.

Her variant is Dark Green with a brown chocolate drizzle holding a black nut bag in her left hand.

She features a Glow in the dark finish.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the Second Nut Shopkin to be made ,the first being Nutty Nut.
  • She is the first (and only) Shopkin to feature her variant different from her other variant.

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