Orville Ornament is a Limited Edition Seasonal Shopkin from Fanmade Season 1. There are 500 of him made. He was created by Cherryberry1456. 
Orville ornament

Orville Ornament art

Bio Edit

Favorite Hobby:

Hanging out with my friends and having a jolly good time!

Your friends would describe you as...

Fun-loving and always in the mood for some milk and cookies!

Your Shopkins BFF:

Jackie Lantern

Where do you hang out?

I go up in the Seasonal section in the middle of November... It's never too early for some Christmas cheer!

Appearance Edit

Orville Ornament is a round, red Christmas ornament. He has a silver hook dangling down the side of his face, and is holding it with one hand as if he's trying to move it away from his face.

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