Shopkins: Quest for the Lost Shoppies is a movie released on 21 September, 2017. It is a sequel to The Mystery of Moose Toys Island.


The Shoppies concert is going to start tonight in San Francisco in Northern California! But the concert is cancelled because the Limited Edition Shoppies are missing and have been captured by evil Trashie Ogrezilla! To do so, Apple Blossom, Tiffany Tablet, Strawberry Kiss and Waffle Sue get help from new fellow Trashie friends, Cheezy, Frittes and Narna (A.K.A. Putrid Pizza, Stench Fries and Wasted Banana) to help them find the missing Limited Edition Shoppies and bring them back to the concert in San Francisco!

Characters Presented

- Apple Blossom

- Tiffany Tablet (debut)

- Strawberry Kiss

- Waffle Sue

- Cheezy (Veronica Veggie Pizza's counterpart)

- Frittes (Fiona Fries' counterpart)

- Narna (Buncho Bananas' counterpart)

- Ogrezilla (debut)

- Cruddy Curry (cameo)

- Moldy Mattress (cameo)

- Cupcake Queen (cameo)

- Kooky Cookie (cameo)

Limited Edition Shoppies presented

- Yogurtina (debut)

- Stella Sapphire (debut)

- Tartie (debut)

- Peggy Potato Chips (debut)


Coming Soon!